So, we made it.

This far at least: San Francisco! Daddy Wrall’s first steps in California were glad ones as we spent many many hours in the car leading to this moment. His first question, “Where can we get some motherlovin’ Rice-a-Roni?” Suggestions anyone?

Oh yeah, some stuff happened on the way here. We spent an extra day in Colorado to work on our sophomore album, Ooh-La-La, Sha Sha, which was needed in a real way. It was beautiful there, cold and dry, and with no heat or hot water, staying warm in clean could have been difficult. Fortunately, the hot tub and fireplace were options. Thanks Uncle D.


Area 51

Area 51

After leaving Breckenridge I asked Dubs what he thought of the mountains, being an island boy all his life. His response, “Isn’t area 51 in Colorado?”


Uh, no, I don’t think so.

And we headed west. We spelled our best player (What do you think the P. stands for?) as I drove the whole way to our destination of choice: Reno. Why Reno? Well, don’t ask me. It was the right distance away. On the way, we listened to Suga Free and The Notwist, all the while compiling the master list for the Miss Fairchild mixtape. Look for it soon. So, Reno. We chose the Nugget over the Silver Trucker and DW and P went to gamble while I slept. In the morning, us travel industry types let the management know how disappointing our experience was, and Ernie layed on the reduced rate, making the whole thing worth it. Once I learn how to post photos, you’ll see Sam and Wrall rocking the stage gear at the casino.

So, the lobby of Chad and Ash’s apartment in San Francisco (which is beautiful and they are too kind) smells exactly like the Nantucket Girls and Boys club. Long live Bumper Pool! Chad wants everyone to know that “if your girl buys you comic books, you know you have the right one.”

Congratulations White Sox, you earned it. And how about that Harriet Miers? There’s more, but we’ll leave it at that:

Say turd: wack Chinese food buffet in mountain hideaways
Say word: happy moods from staying in mountain timeshares

Say turd: Sparks, Nevada couldn’t be farther
Say word: Hark, we oughtta should see water

Say turd: laptop is broken and cards don’t work either
Say word: mad props for promotion cause sharks don’t circle freely

Who’s to say what’s good or bad? the Great Dunlap, emphasis on send your friends to our shows…