I promise were just showing off our tattoos.

I promise we're just showing off our tattoos.



Maybe my language has been particularly foul or something, because I felt some serious(ly funny) karma on the way to Boulder. Daddy Wrall, Samuel P. Nice and myself stopped at a truckstop to use the payphone when I decided to brush my teeth. I went into the bathroom and saw these odd-looking push button faucets that would only dispense a small amount of water at a time. Wrall watched as I wet my toothbrush and proceded to begin brushing.

He pointed quizically and I responded, “Yeah, that’s kind of weird, isn’t it?” thinking that the faucets were rather shabby. Little did I realize that I had just squirted rest-stop handsoap on my toothbrush and put it into my mouth. The laughfest that ensued was much-needed, but the taste in my mouth lasted a little too long for my liking. What are you going to do?

The foliage in the midwest was unbelievable. Many an unexpected “oh!” was heard on the drive out of Chicago. This experience was only surpassed when we saw a flock of geese join up with an already-migrating flock and begin to head south. The sheer madnees within the organization into such an enormous ‘v’ was mind-blowing. The geese were the only event in Iowa and Nebraska excepting of course “the bridge!” (ask Mr. Nice if want to know more about that one, though I suppose Lipschitz would counter “There’s no simple bridge, man.”) DW was hoping for something more interesting: “You know what I want to see? Crop circles!” Aliens indeed.

Thopie (Daddy Wrall’s vehicle) has held up well (knock on wood) through all of the trials, despite someone nearly driving over a stump with her. We’ll leave the driver’s name out of these proceedings…

A message for Don Dilego, if you’re reading: we tried to call you, but must have had the number wrong. The answering machine was in Spanish and that didn’t seem right. To the woman whose machine it was: My apologies for Daddy Wrall’s ridiculous message (“Wait, wait, I know how to say one more thing. Adios!”) Lo siento. For those of you who don’t know Don’s music check out http://www.dondilego.com

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Mike and Caitlin Woodard for their extreme hospitality. We’ve been saying for the past two days that we were going to “blog the hell out of them” for their ridiculous generosity and sitting here, I’m speechless. Their home is amazing and the regal buck that grazed unfazed as we returned from our night of music-making was unbelievable. Watch out for mountain lions, though. When P.Nice went to the car in the middle of the night, we locked the door. I asked, “Should we go check on him?” Mike’s response, “Don’t worry, we’ll hear the screams.” By the way, Mike’s a great musician; his music is at http://www.mikewoodardlive.com

Music highlights from the car include Caps and Jones: Moving in Stereo and The Essential Isley Brothers.

For those of you who don’t know, Vitamin Water is taking over. Oh yeah, the show: Thanks to every one who came and supported us in Boulder, Jonathan and Chuck for their support at the venue and city of Boulder for taking so many fliers with a smile. We’ll be back soon. Apologies to the woman that got kicked out for harrassing Samuel.

And last, but in no way least, shouts and craps (out)-

Say turd: mostly ghost town dancefloor beats

Say word: host and hostess who can’t be beat


Say turd: two or three (dead) deers a road

Say word: do the three year-old


Jive Sucka! and don’t forget to write.

T.G. Dunlap