Blew in to the Windy City on the eve of the White Sox’ first World Series in 46 years. Can’t help rooting for them, so people start giving the South Side some love. So, for now: Go Sox!

I don’t think I made it clear yesterday just how great we had it in Michigan. A couple of new friends and fans came out to our show, new to the music that week, went out dancing with us and then, when our housing fell through, put us up, gave us breakfast, fresh towels and new music for the road. This is the type of kindness you can never expect, but can help but appreciate. Give it up one more time for Kelsey and Xristina.

Here’s today’s fan testimonial, from Francia: “Daddy Wrall is sexy like Moses. When he hit the cymbals, it was as if he was parting the Red Sea.” The son and grandson of preachers, he is mighty proud. Old testament represent!

And now some shoutouts/crapouts:

Say turd: sore throats and red eyes from smoke in bars Say word: tour hopes set high when fans stoke the fire

Say turd: four or five ‘mistakes’ and same old tracks, wack two-in-a-rows Say word: surprise mix tapes, railroad tracks, and Bad News Jones

Say turd: way too fast we had to mosey, fourteen hours in chicago? Say word: breakfast was rad, Toby; sure she’ll be ours (on 11/11) in chicago…

Music Highlights: Tribe: ‘Check the Rhyme,’ Pharrell: ‘She’s an Angel,’ George Harrison: ‘For You Blue’, Bad News Jones: ‘Hellz Bellz,’ Paulinho da Viola: “Meu Mal” though I can’t get ‘Regulators’ out of my head.

Mount up! the Great Funlap emphasis on dun for today. (Say word.)