What’s up people? We’re in East Lansing right now, staying with some brand new fans, Kelsey and Xristina. I’d like to start by giving them their propers: here.


Runnin in the shadows...

Runnin' in the shadows...

So, lots of news, some may some positive and negative, but really, who can say what’s good or bad?

First, the saga of the flute: Well, we packed Daddy Wrall’s sport utility vehicle and were all set to leave, when we did the mental check list: turntables (check), keyboards (check), environmental records (double check), flute… uh, flute? No flute. It’s gone missing; stolen, lost, who knows? Wrallying right quick, we phoned Robert’s music shop, who agreed to stay open extra late for us. (God bless them.) And so I bought a flute after five minutes of trying it, the second one I picked up. (Now, that wasn’t in the budget…) There was no option; we had to leave immediately if we stood any chance of making it to our first gig… Played it tonight and it sounds great. The flute-box is off the muthalovin’ chain with the new extraspecial flute. I’m naming her Stamina Show Sally, because we couldn’t have done it without the Stamina Show.

So, I’m happy to say that we made it to Albany right well and Nana was even more hospitable than we thought possible. She sent us fed and with rations a bun. And eleven hours or so later, we arrived in East Lansing. Musical hightlights included Nuno (from Extreme fame), Fiona Apple (from long album titles fame) and Harry Nillson’s Nillson Schmillson. And who can forget that gangstah spit? Suga Free, Kurrupt and Quik keepin’ things lively.

And Code of tha Cutz deserves a mention. Strangely enjoyable place to have a gig. Thanks everybody who helped us out there.

Happy Birthday Mom & Dad. Happy Anniversary Mom & Bob. Happy.

Say turd: bye bye favorite flute
Say word: high fives for high-heeled shoes

Say turd: prankstahs like dennis the menace say Mr. Wilson
Say word: gangstahs sip hennesy and rock Harry Nillson

(Or so I’ve heard.)

Say word, The Great Dunlap (emphasis on Phew!)