In case you missed it in the paper:

Wrall Skillz Changes Name Diminutive Falsettist Adds Name, Acronym

by Jaime Heiny-High

NANTUCKET, MA- It seems that Diddy isn’t the only musician having an identity crisis. Indie start-up Nantucketastrophe Records has issued a brief press release stating that their President and CEO, Wrall Skillz, of Janitor’s Gulch Band and Full Blown Excuses fame, will hereby be known as Daddy Wrall. The rapper-turned-singer says he “still [has] skills,�? but wanted the fans to know that his “daddy always said, ‘Wander righteously and love life.’�? Friends have long speculated that a change was imminent. Friend and confidant Samuel P. Nice said, “He was sick of being called Raw Skillz. Wrall Richard was an option, but in the end Daddy Wrall just fit.�? Sources could not confirm whether Mr. Nice intended something by that statement. Island resident Jordan Seitz says, “It rhymes with pal and gal, not small and doll.�? He claims to have “invented the name,�? making him the closest we could find to an expert. Others say that the change was inspired elsewhere. A local associate who requested anonymity stated, “He considered spelling his name W-R-A and a letter that combined an L and the number 1, which in effect becomes un-writable symbol a la the artist once again known as Prince. That just seemed stupid to me.” A local nemesis (also requesting anonymity, though he did want to add, “Blacksmith for life!”) stated, “Not everyone can have a name as great as mine. And considering the quality of his music, that’s appropriate,” though his statement might be a simple case of speaking out of turn. In the end, the name hardly matters. As Nice said at a recent press conference, “We’re growing up and if you don’t like the changes, y’all bitties can bite my titties”

Jive Sucka! indeed.