Okay people,

I know how much you’ve been anticipating this post so let’s get on with it. Thanks as always to everybody that made this recent strong possible. And on strongs-

We’ve decided that referring to our four and five day “weekends,” which might start on a Wednesday or end on a Tuesday, and during which we might work fifty or so hours, not as “weekends,” but as “strongs.” The work week will still be known as the week or if you prefer, the “weak.”

And now the shout-outs/crap outs:

Say turd: late flights and squeaky breaks. Sawy word: great nights and triple eight.

Say turd: back pain and crazy violence on the “worst day.” Say word: happy gains and kareoke on DW’s birthday.

Say turd: way to go leavin’ ‘fore you’re sure, see? Say word: Dilego, Ziman and Moorthy

Say turd: cops with lame excuses ruining the fun Say word: topping thangs off with fluting a bun

Say turd: Chills, shivers; we’re all sick some. Say word: Bill Withers and Al’s kickdrum

We love you all,

The Great Dunlap (emphasis on LAP), SamueL P. Nice (emphasis on MNO) and Daddy Wrall (emphasis on 2-5).