Wow, what a weekend for the MF trio. Here’s a behind the scenes look and some shouts-outs and crap-outs:

Two great shows at Colby College in ME and at As-220 in Providence. You folks clearly know how to get down and we could learn a thing or two from you. As Larry would say, “Attention everyboday. We love all y’all. Everybo-day, well. We love all y’all.”

Every moment not on stage, Daddy Wrall, Samuel P. Nice and the Great Dunlap spent mixing and tweaking the new Nantucketastrophe release from poet and philosopher Lipschitz, which is called “Jed Sed.” Together and Separately, they produced the entire record and would like to say, as unbiasedly as possible, “it’s hope; that is, hype AND dope.” The record will be out by the beginning of November, hopefully in time for you to pick it up during our U.S. tour. Okay, now for the fun stuff:

Say word: Fans, dance and other bands. Say turd: Can’t find mannequin hands.

Say word: colllecting all the parts, sweet smell of fall. Say turd: getting really late starts and no sleep at all.

Say word: Seu Jorge, Shuggie Otis and Bjork videos. Say turd: George Porgie, Big Unit and first in the division hopes.

Say word: birthday songs and still more to come. Say turd: tattoos all gone, but tons more at home.

A special thanks to Clifton for Dee Dubs’ dark and stormy and to Maine girls that actually say “You can’t get there from here.” And thanks to Jason, Jordan and Paula at Colby College and Jeff, Chris, San Serac and Joey Beats in Providence for making our shows such a success and pleasure this weekend. Thanks to Papa Jim at the studio. And to all of the fans, new and old, that came out this weekend, thanks.